Our Team

Alegro’s Team

Edward Matkin
Founder and Executive Director
Originally from England, Ed has lived in Curitiba, Brazil for the last 12 years. He is a graduate of the University of Liverpool where he studied with Prof.Michael Talbot and Prof. Robert Orledge. He was voted by his peers as both President of the Music Society and Conductor of the Symphony Orchestra. Inspired by the El Sistema model and the work of NEOJIBA in Salvador, Bahia he founded ALEGRO with the aim of transforming music education opportunities for young people irrespective of their social background. Ed has a profound belief in the transformative power of a serious, structured musical education and the joy it brings to those who experience it.
Ana Cristina Lago
Educational Hub - Piraquara
A graduate from the EMBAP music conservatoire in Curitiba, Ana Cristina has led the musical education program at the Sao Roque association in Piraquara for the last 7 years where 110 students study music, sing in a choir and play in an string orchestra.
Renate Weiland
Educational Hub - Almirante Tamandare
A graduate of EMBAP Curitiba’s specialist music college Renate completed her masters and doctorate at the Federal University of Parana one of Brazil’s leading universities. She founded and directs the musical education program at the DORCAS project where she is responsible for 80 young musicians.
Alexandre Razera
Education Coordinator - Stringed Instruments
Alex played viola in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for 7 years under conductors such as Sir Simon Rattle, Claudio Abbado and Daniel Harding. He is one of the leading string players in Brazil and has deep expertise and interest in Musical Education having worked in a variety of educational projects in Brazil.
Rafael Ferronato
Education Coordinator - Pedagogy
Rafael Lectures in music at the Federal University of Parana and has a masters degree in performance from the University of Georgia (USA) where he is currently pursuing his doctorate in pedagogical practice.
Tadeu Malaquias
Education Coordinator - Brass
A professional French Horn player with a masters degree in the history of music education Tadeu has played in many of Brazil’s leading symphony orchestras under renowned conductors such as Joh Neschling and Isaac Karabchvsky and Stefan Geiger.
Leonardo Gorosito
Education Coordinator - Percussion
Musician, Composer and a member of the Espirito Santo Symphony Orchestra, Leo obtained his masters degree in Percussion at Yale University under Prof. Robert van Sice.

International Advisory Council

Robert Orledge
Robert Orledge is an internationally renowned expert in early 20th-century French music and Emeritus Professor of Music at the University of Liverpool
Fiona Cunningham
Fiona Cunningham is the Chief Executive Officer of El Sistema, England
Lee Ward
Lee Ward was the Director of Music at the London Oratory School for 16 years. He is now Director of Music at St Paul’s School in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is an Organist and Choral Tuition Specialist.
Graham Davies
Graham is Strategy director for PRS for Music, a copyright collection society undertaking collective rights management for musical works.
Patrick McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy is Director of Operations at the Ulster Orchestra in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is a former orchestral trumpet player.
Ingrid Seraphim
Ingrid Seraphim is a harpsichordist, pianist, teacher, classical music pioneer and one of the founders of the Camerata Antiqua in Curitiba
Patrick Reason
Patrick Reason is a musician and Director of an NGO providing residential care and assistance for at risk families in Curitiba. He is an advisor to the Brazilian Government on policy in this area.
Helma Haller
Helma Haller is a singer, conductor and composer primarily dedicated to choral music. She conducts the Collegium Cantorum, works with the Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba and represents Brazil in the World Choir Council.
Fiona Harvey
Fiona Harvey is an arts management consultant with specific expertise in orchestras and creative learning, working with clients including the Association of British Orchestras and PRS for Music Foundation.
Marshall Marcus

Marshall Marcus is the founder and president of the El Sistema Europe. He is also the CEO of the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO), founder of the Africa System, director and curator of the England System and a member of the Global System Advisory Board and British Council Creative Arts and Creative Advisory Group.

Members of the Management Board of Trustees Alegro Musical Association

> Edward Matkin – Presidente e Diretor Executivo, Alegro
> Fernanda Gutierrez Magalhães
> Clarice Miranda
> Ragnhilde Borgomanero
> Stephen Greene – Autor e educador – Oxford and Cambridge University Press (Vice Presidente – Alegro)
> Dr Fabricio Nunes – Professor universitário –  (EMBAP)
> Ana Belenzier – Artista, escultora
> Dr Jose Carlos Branco – Geólogo – Universidade Federal do Paraná
> David Bessa – Advogado
> Darclei Westerhal da Cunha – Community Project Director – Fundadora e Diretora Executiva do projeto DORCAS
> Anna Thais Fuck – Community Project Director – Fundadora do projeto ‘Gato na Tuba’ – (Secretária da Associação- Alegro)